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Documentary film that contain the strongest way to detect gold and buried treasures.

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Gold And Metal Detectors

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Diamond And Gemstone Detectors

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  • GER Detect Company Reached an Agreement with UNITED INTERNATIONAL GROUP Company To market and distribute GER Detect company products around the world .

  • GER Detect reached with UNITED INTERNATIONAL GROUP Company in Turkey to take over the distribution of the metal and water underground detectors as the exclusive agent in East Asia, America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East .

  • The signing took place on this agreement during the visit of the Legal Adviser and Director of GER Detect Company to Istanbul last week and this agreement includes the acquisition of UNITED INTERNATIONAL GROUP Company on all GER Detect company products for 10 years .

  • GER Detect Company is committed to funded UNITED INTERNATIONAL GROUP In Istanbul -Turkey Sales, maintenance service Provider .

  • Since December 2012, the UNITED INTERNATIONAL GROUP sales, maintenance service Istanbul, Turkey has been responsible for the majority of GER Detect worldwide metal detector production. GER Detect of its association with it's outsource partner in Turkey .

  • Genuine GER Detect metal detectors are exclusively manufactured by GER Detect in Germany and by Istanbul, Turkey in the Germany facility .

We introduce to you the lets and the newest and the most affects detectors a special device to detect underground gold , Detection and gold mining equipment , Burials gold detectors , Pulse induction detectors , Cavity detectors , Art Effects detectors , Metal detectors , Silver detectors , Emerald detectors , Copper detectors , Graves's detectors , Diamonds detectors , Gemstones detectors , Rubies and emeralds detectors , Water detectors devices , Wells detection device , Groundwater finders , Groundwater detectors , Precious metal detectors devices , Gold ore detectors , Gold nuggets detectors , Three-dimensional imaging system devices , 3D imaging system devices , Gold detection by long-range system , Treasures detector ionic Search system , Magnetometer system devices , Research devices for stone statues , Competent devices to explore the underground mummy and meteorites , Detection devices of caves and cavity , Detectors gold in the ground , The latest German-made devices for gold disclosure , All the devices with guarantee for two years , The best European industries and it holds international quality certificate

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