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EASY WAY device 3D Imaging system

Gold, metals and underground caves locator

Products Detail
Name Easy Way
Price 4500 $
specification 3D Imaging System
Manufacturer Ger Detect - Germany
Stock Yes
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Through EASY WAY mini device you can do all the exploration operations and the search for burials in the ground all confidential and easy .

Has been scaled down some of the key pieces in the machine In a piece of small size but effective and high precision it's EASY WAY mini It is an ideal and convenient device for prospecting and exploration amateur .

Features of the device does not require an engineer to work on the device Just one click on the play button and work on it directly .
You can complete scan of the area in which to search And that within a very short time and comfortably As it is characterized by its small size and the appropriate posture on foot .
crystal screen through which you can specify the target type To detect When the device is running you can choose any language : Deutsch, French, English, Arabic .
This device operates three-dimensional imaging system And scan all metals, caves and voids in the ground and clarify it on the tablet screen .
the device gives directly image and high-resolution for all what is buried And illustrated by a three-dimensional , The user can see the quality of the detected target through stereoscopic graphics for the objectives .
It can also measure the depth of the detected target with accuracy and professionalism.

Easy Way Device3D Imaging System
Easy Way Underground 3D Imaging System


The device searches to a depth of 18 meters underground The possibility of working on the device at all times, morning and evening in the summer and winter and in all types of weather conditions .
Imaging system works newly innovative analysis program ,was programmed in a high professional Know exactly the depth of the undiscovered target .

Easy Way Device3D Imaging System


Runs on 12-volt battery .
Works for 6 continuous hours of work .
Analytical imaging program containing the following languages
(English + German + French + Arabic + Italian + Russian + Turkish + Persian)

easy way plus technical specifications
  1. The main unit, which contains the main processor of the device and the Control Panel
  2. transmitter antenna
  3. handle (the controller)
  4. wear a special device to install it on foot.
  5. electrical charger 220 volt household
  6. tablet device provided with the device installed research programs
  7. carry and save the full protective device and its accessories shocks bag
  8. Use brochures in several languages
  9. Two years’ warranty from the date of purchase German industry first class according to international standards.

We wish you spend the most beautiful times in your exploratory trip .

Operating temperature 0 °C - 70 °C
Storage temperature -20 °C - 60 °C
Humidity 5 % - 75 %
Weight about 0.7 kg
Wattage 12 VDC
Status magnetization 0,015 uT

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